The Thing About Teaching (A Poem)

The thing about teaching is really quite simple.

You don’t always have the best classroom.

You don’t always have all the supplies.

You don’t always know, how to make just the right slime.

But you make it work.

The thing about teaching kids is just this.

They don’t always listen,

Even when you give the clearest instruction.

Sometimes they throw tantrums,

And throw every toy out in every bucket.

It doesn’t always go just like you planned,

When you counsel said student, with every loving thing that could be said.

Every now and then teaching feels a little draining.

That’s just the thing about teaching…

Maybe it’s draining because you give all you’ve got,

To hearts that sometimes cause you pain, anger, confusion, and stress.

To minds built with walls, to keep out further hurt.

You’ll gain many grey hairs.

You’ll lose (or gain) some weight.

It’ll feel like you’re always tired,

But in spite of it all, the thing about teaching,

Is really the love you find through it all,

The love that somehow keeps you strong!

Through the crazy,

You’ll find the truth.

That though it feels you’re failing,

A child will reach out to you.

They’ll give a smile they haven’t known in a while.

They’ll teach a friend a truth, you’ve extended with your mind.

They’ll gain some wisdom;

They’ll share some kindness.

Above all, you’ll realize,

Teaching is pretty great all the while,

Because there’s plenty of hugs,

And plenty of crazy, to keep you on your feet.

The thing about teaching,

Is that you have the special privilege to impart

Love to hearts void of care,

Knowledge to minds distressed of everything else,

Kindness to acts that’ll mend souls,

Wisdom to hands eager to do

That which has never been done.

And maybe in all of this, you’ll change the world…

Just by teaching the thing they didn’t know.

That’s the thing about teaching.

It’s more complicated than we’ll ever know.


1 Peter 4:10 As every man hath received the gift, [even so] minister the same one to another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.
Galatians 5:13 For, brethren, ye have been called unto liberty; only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one another.

Jesus loves you!

For Jesus first loved me…. ❤


(Originally written: 3/7/2020)

A Book Review: “Persuasion,” by Jane Austen

“Persuasion can harm or heal, can give or steal, can change lives now, or sway them forever. So be careful of the persuasion you give, but also the persuasion you receive. Because persuasion can be a changing thing!”

Yes, I read another Jane Austen book, and boy did I enjoy it! Also, it got me out of my reading slump. Yeah, it was that good. Let me give you an overview of all of the 216 pages.

Blessed Positives:

#1. What an interesting message. What an interesting title.

One of the reasons I love Austen fiction is because of its truth. Yes, there are many wonderful qualities to an Austen novel, but the best fact is always the truth it entails in such a thought provoking, heart tugging tale.

The title gives away the idea here, “Persuasion.” The idea is the effect persuasion can have on people, whether positive or negative. We see some very negative examples, but some very positive ones as well. The main theme is that of reminding the readers to watch their words, and help guide others with carefulness, because we don’t always know all the answers.

#2. Telling me the story, rather than feeling it.

“Persuasion,” boasts of a more story-telling approach, compared to, P&P and S&S. In this book, I felt like I had more of an idea of how things happened, and who everyone was, rather than how everyone felt and expressions were shared. This may be good or bad, depending on what you’re looking for, but I thought it was a very good change from other Austen books, and I enjoyed it.

(Note: I love both P&P and S&S better than Persuasion; however, I did enjoy this story as a whole different kind of book, rather than a copycat of the others. I do like the others better because they were more filled with character than this one, I believe.)

#3. The terrific writing of old.

Austen writes fabulously. This writing is true English, using the most perfect words in description. In an age now where words are being slaughtered and changed, we truly need more well-written books that not only share truth and fun, but also learning and English. “Persuasion,” does not fail to be another literary masterpiece.

#4. Dear Anne Elliot.

I love this character…but I am a bit bias as Anne Elliot is the literary version of myself. Crazy excitement and confused thoughts included.

She is bent on doing what is right, and admits that although she tries, sometimes things turn out wrong. Her love for others and great understanding blesses others immensely, and helps her see what others can’t. This character is brilliance! Also, my favorite. Yes, I’m bias. I admit it. 🙂

Upsetting Negatives:

#1. Um…who is that again?

There’s an awful lot of characters here. There are so many characters that I was caught getting quite confused as to who this old woman was, or who this young cousin was thinking about marrying. I eventually wrote a character list to help me keep everyone straight.

If you plan to read this, go ahead and start a character list, k? There’s too many people to mentally keep track of, I’ll be honest.

#2. What is Anne thinking?

I love Anne’s character, yes, but I did not always like the way her thoughts and feelings seemed vague. This story talked more of actions, rather than emotions, which means–(example, not a real excerpt, totally made up) “Anne looked off into the distance, avoiding his question.” rather than, “Anne didn’t like such a nosy and rude question, so she straightened her eyes onto the distance, hoping Mr. Elliot would go away.”

This kind of writing made me quite paranoid about why Anne did what she did; I sometimes even made up some feelings I’d imagine for her just to help fill in the gaps.

#3. I’m getting bored.

Yeah, not gonna lie here…not everything in this book was all excitement. There were some awful boring scenes, conversations taking up pages about something of completely no importance, and characters that weren’t needed at all. Because of all that, some places seemed bland, connecting the important stuff by way of boredom.

#4. But…the ending?

Jane Austen endings are always sweet…but not always satisfactory to my liking. I need more than a chapter to fix the 200 pages of suspense I suffered. I need more emotion than a short conversation penned in a moment. I just could’ve done with another few chapters of joy, you know?


Overall And In Full:

I truly enjoyed, “Persuasion!” Is it as impressive as, “Pride and Prejudice?” In my opinion, no. Is it as wholesome as, “Sense and Sensibility?” In my opinion, also no.

But here’s the thing. “Persuasion,” is its own thing. It is not made to be P&P. It is made to paint a picture, to convince you by its beauty of the power of persuasion. Yes, it’s its own thing. This story is well-written, enjoyable, relatable (call me crazy), and persuasive. Mhm, I said it.

Read this story, not because you wanted a sequel to S&S. Read this story because you want a real story, about things we face in real life, in a most unique, and beautiful fiction.

It’s nice. It’s, “Persuasion.”


Persuasion is a powerful thing. Use your influence to inspire others to goodness, and realize that you don’t always have all the answers. God does.

Be careful in being persuaded. No one else has all the answers either. Turn to the Lord with your decisions, whether small or life changing. Everything matters…especially the art of persuasion. It really matters.

Acts 26:28 – Then Agrippa said unto Paul, Almost thou persuadest me to be a Christian.

Romans 4:21 – And being fully persuaded that, what he had promised, he was able also to perform.

Jesus loves you!

For Jesus first loved me…. ❤


(Originally written:12/8/19)

Why Do We Have Regrets? (Simple Truths)

I was reading some emails last night…some old emails. They sparked a lot of thoughts…a lot of regrets. Things I wish I would’ve done differently, better, or even not at all.

Every one of us have regrets. Whether they’re life changing, or just big enough to make us worry.

Why do we have those nagging, tormenting regrets? And what should we do about them?

One reason I like gardening is the fact I can uncover such inspiration in the dirt. No, not the worms. In my brain, lights flash, and I finally piece together what God has been creating within my mind for the past week or two.

Why do we have regrets?

It’s like this.

2 Corinthians 7:10 – For godly sorrow worketh repentance to salvation not to be repented of: but the sorrow of the world worketh death.

The reason we have regrets is to remind us not to repeat the action.

If we regret not spending enough time with our family before they were gone, we often will remember to visit other family and friends now. If we regret spewing angry words without thought, we’re more likely to think through our words before sharing them without time tlo think about them next time we get upset.

Regret hurts, but we need that hurt. When we step on a nail we need to hurt to realize it’s there, and get some help. If we didn’t regret we couldn’t do better.

…and what do we do about it?

However, with all things, living in regret is depressing, and will suffocate you if you allow it. Think about what you regret, send it up in prayer to the Lord (whether you need forgiveness or just need to talk about it), and write down how you’ll do it differently if given the chance. Now, walk away.

Remember the lesson, accept the forgiveness, serve Jesus, and do better.

If you regret and use it to better yourself in Jesus, you’ll strive! If you regret and wrestle it alone, it’ll lead to misery and death.

Regret. Learn. Let it go.

God’s got you!

Proverbs 26:16 – For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again: but the wicked shall fall into mischief.

(More verses on regret: click here.)

Jesus loves you!

For Jesus first loved me…. ❤


(Originally written: 4/17/19)

Simple Truths: Introduction To A New Category Of Posts

Are my posts too long? Is my writing too emotional? Do you get confused with the many analogies in my article? Have you already sighed once while reading this?

I have been told such before…so, I want to do something a little different for just those people, and really anybody else who needs some truth in a most basic way, with plenty of joy.

I present: Simple Truths.

There is so many very important life-changing questions that get unanswered, analyzed over and over without any plain answers coming to light. In these posts to come (under the Simple Truth Category) I will present a question, and give the answer based on the Gospel truth.

Cause really, those serious questions have a very important answer. A simple answer.

It’s not that hard when we just go by what God says.

I hope you enjoy these posts, and find some inspiration therein. Tell me what you think of this new topic? And what you’d like to see studied and answered in these future posts?

Hebrews 10:25 – Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some [is]; but exhorting [one another]: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.

Jesus loves you!

For Jesus first loved me…. ❤


(Originally written: 2/6/19)

Can You Remove All Toxic People From Your Life?

Toxic. That word brings a lot of cruel and terrifying thoughts to our minds. Destruction, madness, cruelty, depression, terror.

Toxic people. The word giving a new name to the people we encounter, perhaps bent on our destruction–angry, hypocritical, depressing, cruel, and yes, terrifying. The people that drag us down, kick us to the curb, break our hearts, and take our hope.

“Leave the toxic people behind,” “Write the toxic people off,” “Leave the haters to themselves.” All these are quotes that find their way to my social media feeds, encouraging me to forget the people that hurt me like the garbage I left in my trash can.

I can’t disagree: People who are bent on our hurt need to be left behind. But there’s just one thing I need to make mention of. There’s just one thing wrong here…

Around every turn, in every new chapter of life, we are more than likely to find a toxic individual. Maybe they tear you down with their words, try to hinder you in your goals by setting snares, or even just give some doom and gloom to ruin a happy day.

Yes, toxic.

But, is leaving them in the dust the way to go?

The question is not will this make me feel better, because it probably will. (Everything that makes you feel good is not good.)

The question is, is this even possible?

If we delete every toxic person, every indivual that brings us down, where will we be?

Because lets face it, every one finds themself a toxic individual at some point, whether being extra complainative, overly angry and irrational, or just plain disorderly. We’ve all been there. Sometimes we get hurt, and we project that onto others, whether we mean to or not.

I know, the title toxic is only placed upon those who are consistently negative and degrading. I get it. It hurts.

I’ve been there. I have known and still know some, “toxic people.” I love them. And even when I want to turn and walk away, something holds me back.

I love them.

1 John 4:7 – Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God.
The people who are the most continually negative and harmful are the ones who need the most care, even though they’d be the last to admit it. The hardest challenges lead to the most beautiful victories, after all.

So…can you remove all toxic people from your life?

You can certainly try. You can walk through life seeking to avoid every obstacle and enemy in your path, swaying this way and that. But what you may find, or rather…where you may find yourself is somewhere you’ve tried to ignore the whole time–a pit, all alone. Trying to push away the people who hurt, instead of seeking God’s hand in the matter and aiming to be the best you can be to said person, will only create a new toxic person: you. The toxic people have a hand in making us who we are–through trials, patience, and understanding.

James 1:3 – Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience.

1 Peter 3:8-18 – Finally, [be ye] all of one mind, having compassion one of another, love as brethren, [be] pitiful, [be] courteous:

If God tells you to walk away, do it. (Do not let anyone tell you otherwise.*) But don’t walk away just because something is hard. We all have our challenges to face, and no matter how many miles you trek to bypass them, you’ll just be faced with new obstacles. No path is free of pot holes or sharp turns.

The path best walked, is the one behind Jesus.

Jesus loves you!

For Jesus first loved me…. ❤


(Originally written: 11/30/19)

Feeling Unloved?

((A simple one today, guys…just cause I’m feeling a little simple… ❤))

How are you? Do you know, you are loved?

(My Mom is an awesome photographer!)
When you are feeling unloved, you just have to stop, take a breathe, and remember: God knows all about you, has seen everything you have faced, and knows all your favorite things, even without you telling Him! He loves you, oh so much!

And sometimes, I believe that He paints the sky that particular shade of blue you like so well, just for you, waiting for you to look up.
Jesus loves you!
For Jesus, first loved me… ❤

(Originally written: 10\17\16)

With a Skip & a Heartbeat…

((I am so glad to see you back!! Please be on the lookout for new pages popping up through the week, and give me a follow to keep up with every new post. I appreciate y’all! This was the first post written after my break but not posted…young me was very short and poetic. 😜))

As we go through life, year by year, we tend to all come to the realization that life–is a journey…

Love can be so bright, and extravagant enough to change any life. Hate can be so dark, and destroy even the most lit candle of life.

As we go through life, pain becomes a reality, trouble becomes a friend, and choices we have to make can break us, with a simple missed step…

What ever happened to skipping through life? Or, perhaps–a question we should ponder even more–what is a heartbeat made of?

Tick – tock, goes the alarm on our nightstand.

Worry – fret, rings the sound of activity in our heads.

I began to think one day, and started to wonder why I ever stopped skipping? I mean it’s true that being labeled as a silly person acting like a child could be what scared me…but then again, maybe I just got scared to fall, and then being labeled a failure, loser, or even worse–that of a silly person, acting like a child, without any hope.

Maybe the thought of losing hope, created in me a fear of ever searching out hope…

We go through life, always looking for the worst scenario, after all, many uncaring folks do not even worry enough (we sure make up for their lack of care, eh?).

Isaiah 35:4 – Say to them that are of a fearful heart, Be strong, fear not: behold, your God will come with vengeance, even God with a recompence; he will come and save you.

Life is taken with a skip, and a heartbeat. It’s all up to you, how it goes along…

The skip, is the effort, work, time, and anything given to the everyday tasks, challenges, and positions we are put in.

The heartbeat, is the passion, love, care, and true reason you do what you do, everyday.

Is your skip a sad, lonely walk not hardly mistaken for a skip, because you are too scared of what lies ahead? Or, does your skip match that of when you were little, smiling, and aware of God’s mighty love? Do you skip knowing Jesus is in control?

Is your heartbeat dully thumping because you’ve lost the will, and wonder of life–nothing seems worth it? Does your heart know Jesus, and how He died on a cross for you? Where is your heart, and why does it beat?
Your skip, and heartbeat can be whatever you choose it to be, after all, we all have been given one.

What will you do with yours? The skip may be troublesome, but with the blood of the lamb, that heartbeat will be enough to carry you through!

With just a skip, and a heartbeat, you can change the world!

Philippians 4:19 – But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

Make sure your skip, always has a steady heartbeat!

Jesus loves you! ❤

For Jesus, first loved me…


((Originally written: 7/10/2016))

…And I’m Back!

It’s been a while. Days, weeks, years, centuries. Well, maybe not centuries. Just decades, really.

Life was–and very much still is–crazy. Blogging however, has never left my heart. In fact, Jesus has continued to use writing to grow me into who He desires me to be. I pray this writing will be used by Him for your benefit as well!

So now, I want to welcome myself–and my dear readers and friends–back! Like this…

I’m not even gonna take the time to argue with the individuals who have the audacity to make the point one cannot welcome themself back to something.

I can; I will; I have.


I’m alive and well. I’m married now, driving now, with a house now, and still teaching. And obviously, writing. (Please, call me M.K..)

Maybe you thought I’d died. Vanished from the earth. Became invisible, and could not even find a way to press a button on my keypad.

That one is crazy.

2016 has been a long minute back now.

Actually, in this world, anything unusual is crazy, because well, crazy is unusual. Get it? Thing is: I began my blogging break because I felt like that was the Lord’s will. I write because I feel like it’s the Lord’s will. I wrote 323 posts and never posted them up until now because I felt like it was the Lord’s will.

I am posting now…

Can you guess?

Yes, because I feel like it’s the Lord’s will.

It sounds crazy. Maybe it is crazy…because it certainly isn’t something you see everyday. Or even every other day. I feel like God has called me to share His truths in very unusual, crazy ways that bring Him glory (and you a smile!).

I’m so glad to be back blogging, and I am so glad you could join me!

Welcome to ForJesusFirstLovedMe, where I have over 323 inspired posts just waiting to be shared.

(Just like Colossians 3:23, I’ve put my best into them!)

I want to welcome you back and I want to get your opinion.

Psalms 37:4 – Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.

I have posts on all sorts of topics–I will give you some ideas below, and I want you to let me know in the comments what you are the most excited to read about!

Here we go.


Would you like to read…

*) Posts about where I’ve been, and what I’ve learnt during my blogging break.

*) Posts about the Bible, and how truly life changing it is.

*) Posts about books, in my crazy random book review way.

*) Posts about deep questions.

*) Posts sharing devotions.

*) Posts sharing poems.

*) Posts sharing stories.

*) Posts asking your opinions, and starting conversations.

*) Posts answering questions you’ve sent me.

*) Posts written in my old timey way–inspirational, with a story involved.

*) Posts about controversial and scary issues we all think about.

*) Posts about mental health (depression/OCD/etc).

*) Posts about Christian topics and thoughts.

*) Posts about relationships/dating/marriage/friendships/etc.


What do you think? Choose 2-4 of your favorites down below! Your opinion will help me choose every week what gets posted (because– oh, I have a lot to choose from).

My goal is to post one post every Friday night at 7!

I am ever thankful for you and your care! You are appreciated!

All my posts are to praise and glorify Jesus–and share His lovely inspiration with you. It’s certainly changed my life.

Now you! Write your thoughts. *Eyes you suspiciously while you decide what you should write.*

And come back Friday for a brand new post. God willing, we can get all these posts shared before the decade is out. What do you think? 😛

In the mean time, look around. Everything might look a little different now, with new pages, a new theme and colors, and you might even see an “Originally written,” label on all my older posts (just to keep you in the know about what I’ve been doing all these years). You might also notice a photo grid to the right on the desktop site–filled with images of posts to come!! (I’m excited!?!)

See you next Friday, and in the comment section below! ❤ I appreciate you and the time you spend here with me!

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Jesus loves you!

For Jesus first loved me…. ❤


Goodbye (For Now…)

This is probably the saddest post I have written, and yet, I know it’s not the last, at least, not the definite last…
But, for now, it’s goodbye…


With the daily frustration of life, busyness of my mind, family, friends, studies, daily struggles, church, and everything else that seems to riddle my to-do list, my mind has gotten over cluttered…

It’s been a hard year, and one that seems may get harder as the days go by…

It’s with wet eyes, and a saddened heart, that I must say I will be leaving the internet for a while…
How long?
I don’t know…

But, for now, my family thinks it will be best for me to take a break, and try to piece together those pesky, missing puzzle pieces… 😛

Y’all have been such a blessing to me!!
Y’all have encouraged me, prayed for me, talked to me, and just listened to these totally random, spontaneous posts!
Y’all are my best friends!


I want to thank you, (yes, you!) for every comment, like, and word of prayer you’ve said for me!!
I’m continually praying for you!

My blog will still be here, but I won’t be posting, for quite a few months…
I’m not giving up writing, or praying for you guys, cause, after all – this all has become a part of my heart! 😀

I will just be taking a short break away from all internet… (Literally, all…)


(Picture used with permission from: Photos By Aerykah.”)

But, above all –
Do you know Jesus?

Jesus loves you!!

For Jesus first loved me…


(I’ll be back… It’s a promise!
GoodbyeJust, for now…)

Devotional Thursdays — “The Meaning… Of Sacrifice…”

Thursday, June 2nd, 2016
“The Meaning… Of Sacrifice…”

That cold, lonely day on that sad, yet large playground, seems to still be a piece of your mind…
You were quite happy though, seeing you were part of that ‘popular crowd,’ that everyone begged to be in!

You didn’t have nothing to worry about; you smiled as everyone gave you attention, and nothing ever went out of balance, for this play time was the same, every day, every week, and on and on…
Nothing to worry about…

Until, that one day — that one day, that changed everything…


** Hebrews 13:16 **
But to do good and to communicate forget not: for with such sacrifices God is well pleased.

Even as young as you were, things still seemed to catch your eye, and that day, something did.
You looked around, to see a girl, about your age, sitting on the ground, with a tear rolling down her face…
What was you to do?
You didn’t want to look out of place…

And yet, that tug in your heart said different; that deep urge seemed to push you on!

You did the unheard of; you created a change, for you softly walked over to that girl, and asked her to play.

Things that happen through one’s life, often stays with them!
Sometimes they are good, but more than often, they are bad…
What change are you leaving?

In this present world we move around, rushing from place to place, from task to task, on that ever continuing to do list, but sadly, we often miss the main thing that Christ sets in front of us during our day — our fellow human!


Yes, going over to that girl on that playground was not the best thing in your day, cause you did take the chance of losing your friends, looking like an outcast yourself, doing something no one had done before, and above all, causing a change…
The true meaning of sacrifice, is usually overlooked; no one wants to (actually) be different, and no one wants to (actually) cause a change…

Jesus, 2,000 years ago, did something no one could, because He was the source of love, and He came even into our darkness!
He died on the cross, when around, they mocked Him; the tear rolled down His face, as the sin ached His bones, yet, His love for you, did change the world!
True sacrifice came from Jesus Christ!

God didn’t make you to serve yourself.
God didn’t make you to seek after fame, or fortune.
God didn’t make you to simply please yourself.
God made YOU, because He loved you, and He knew, with the uniqueness He only gave you, that you could erupt that change!


Within the busyness, you look up to remember His sacrifice, then look down, to show someone else that sacrifice!
The sacrifice is your time, love, care, smile, or simply, taking a chance on change!

With Jesus, we can change the world!

Jesus loves you!!

For Jesus first loved me… ❤