Goodbye (For Now…)

This is probably the saddest post I have written, and yet, I know it’s not the last, at least, not the definite last…
But, for now, it’s goodbye…


With the daily frustration of life, busyness of my mind, family, friends, studies, daily struggles, church, and everything else that seems to riddle my to-do list, my mind has gotten over cluttered…

It’s been a hard year, and one that seems may get harder as the days go by…

It’s with wet eyes, and a saddened heart, that I must say I will be leaving the internet for a while…
How long?
I don’t know…

But, for now, my family thinks it will be best for me to take a break, and try to piece together those pesky, missing puzzle pieces… 😛

Y’all have been such a blessing to me!!
Y’all have encouraged me, prayed for me, talked to me, and just listened to these totally random, spontaneous posts!
Y’all are my best friends!


I want to thank you, (yes, you!) for every comment, like, and word of prayer you’ve said for me!!
I’m continually praying for you!

My blog will still be here, but I won’t be posting, for quite a few months…
I’m not giving up writing, or praying for you guys, cause, after all – this all has become a part of my heart! 😀

I will just be taking a short break away from all internet… (Literally, all…)


(Picture used with permission from: Photos By Aerykah.”)

But, above all –
Do you know Jesus?

Jesus loves you!!

For Jesus first loved me…


(I’ll be back… It’s a promise!
GoodbyeJust, for now…)

Devotional Thursdays — “The Meaning… Of Sacrifice…”

Thursday, June 2nd, 2016
“The Meaning… Of Sacrifice…”

That cold, lonely day on that sad, yet large playground, seems to still be a piece of your mind…
You were quite happy though, seeing you were part of that ‘popular crowd,’ that everyone begged to be in!

You didn’t have nothing to worry about; you smiled as everyone gave you attention, and nothing ever went out of balance, for this play time was the same, every day, every week, and on and on…
Nothing to worry about…

Until, that one day — that one day, that changed everything…


** Hebrews 13:16 **
But to do good and to communicate forget not: for with such sacrifices God is well pleased.

Even as young as you were, things still seemed to catch your eye, and that day, something did.
You looked around, to see a girl, about your age, sitting on the ground, with a tear rolling down her face…
What was you to do?
You didn’t want to look out of place…

And yet, that tug in your heart said different; that deep urge seemed to push you on!

You did the unheard of; you created a change, for you softly walked over to that girl, and asked her to play.

Things that happen through one’s life, often stays with them!
Sometimes they are good, but more than often, they are bad…
What change are you leaving?

In this present world we move around, rushing from place to place, from task to task, on that ever continuing to do list, but sadly, we often miss the main thing that Christ sets in front of us during our day — our fellow human!


Yes, going over to that girl on that playground was not the best thing in your day, cause you did take the chance of losing your friends, looking like an outcast yourself, doing something no one had done before, and above all, causing a change…
The true meaning of sacrifice, is usually overlooked; no one wants to (actually) be different, and no one wants to (actually) cause a change…

Jesus, 2,000 years ago, did something no one could, because He was the source of love, and He came even into our darkness!
He died on the cross, when around, they mocked Him; the tear rolled down His face, as the sin ached His bones, yet, His love for you, did change the world!
True sacrifice came from Jesus Christ!

God didn’t make you to serve yourself.
God didn’t make you to seek after fame, or fortune.
God didn’t make you to simply please yourself.
God made YOU, because He loved you, and He knew, with the uniqueness He only gave you, that you could erupt that change!


Within the busyness, you look up to remember His sacrifice, then look down, to show someone else that sacrifice!
The sacrifice is your time, love, care, smile, or simply, taking a chance on change!

With Jesus, we can change the world!

Jesus loves you!!

For Jesus first loved me… ❤


Hi!? (No Posts In A Week…) “And, Above All”

Just realized…

I’ve been missing in action here for almost a week!?
You know, that actually isn’t bad, seeing most people don’t post this much, but still, for me going a week without a post is almost unbearable! *gasps*

So… Um…
Just figured I’d say…


Hehe, literally, “Hi there!”
I am a very forgetful person sometimes…
And sadly, that includes doing the basic things God wants me to, sometimes…

Maybe, I don’t spend enough time…

– Talking to my Saviour.
— Reading God’s Word!
— Telling people how I feel.
— Asking how someone’s day is going.
— Just… Smiling…

Daily life is troublesome! (Don’t worry, I see you nodding in agreement!)

But, even when we feel lost, behind, troubled, or just flustered, we can find joy in the simple tasks God gave us, because He knew only you, could do it like you! ;D

So, today…
I smile, and just say, “Hi!”
You are amazing, and I’m so glad you are here, reading this post!
Tell me below how you are doing; I’ll be so glad to hear! 😀


“And, Above All…”

Jesus loves you,
This I know,
For He died,
On a cross of old.

Open up,
To see His face!
Open up,
To receive His grace!

Oh yes, Jesus loves you!

For Jesus first loved me… ❤


CD Poetry — “Strength Through Life!”

Hey, hey!
I was just sitting here, and I felt creativity spark!
Why not… Make some poetry…
Better yet, CD Poetry!?
(Press that  blue text to head over to my first CD Poem! ;))

I just have to take a second to thank the awesome fellow friend, and blogger who started this so clever idea; give a hand to Susan!

And now… *drumroll*



**”Strength Through Life!”**

Shelter me, God –
Unspoken Hope –
Fearless waiting!
I could never forget Calvary!



Through life, we will be faced with challenges.
Some unknowingly sneak up behind us, and scare us into utter fear, and disbelief.
And still, some slowly walk up, tricking us into believing they are merely a passerby.

Either way, life brings problems; no matter how you try to hide, or whether you write out a clever plan – we will always have problems.
This life will never be problem free.

However, while the hope of no problems seem to rivet our mind, a better, actually possible solution is present that we often overlook:
Christ has the plan.

Do not get caught up trying to fend for yourself, rather, open up, get on your knees, and ask the Lord to shelter you in His embrace.
Our hope, even in tribulation, lies in Calvary, where He died to save you and me!

We are never alone – we just have to believe!! 🙂

** Galatians 5:1 **
Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.

Now you, yes you reading this poem — why don’t you come up with some CD poetry? What’s you say? 😛
If you feel the creativity spark, then create a post, and leave me a link in the comments!

Till then, I would absolutely love your thoughts below!
How was this poem?

Hehe, thanks so much y’all; you’re awesome!! 😀

Jesus loves you!

For Jesus first loved me…


Fear – Why We Fear…

What is this deep, scary annoyance inside, and wherein does it abide?
Does it warn us of what we shouldn’t do; does it tell us which path to take?

The definition must be rethought, before our hearts can be settled on the right trail!


The definition of fear is pretty straight forward:
an unpleasant emotion caused by being aware of danger 
a feeling of being afraid

However, what is often not straight forward, is what fear is supposed to accomplish for us.
All things are for a reason, so, why fear?

** Psalms 34:4 **
I sought the LORD, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.

Fear is a result of the sin, and evil in the world but still, why do we, even as Christians, fear?

Maybe fear was never supposed to tell us what to do, but rather make us look up to search out what we were supposed to do!

Imagine a world, where there was no fear.
Without fear, we would drive recklessly, dive into things unknowingly, and life would be a fast paced murderer.
Fear is not always bad.

But still, some fear is not good.
Some fear is of the devil for the purpose of destroying our ambition, and threatening us with the loss of a perfect plan.

So, that leads to the question, ever so riveting — what is the purpose of fear?

While fear may be a benefit to our safety, and well being, some fear can be a burden, and an echoing, disastrous force for our lives, if we take heed to it.
The ultimate definition of fear, is that fear, if we will let it, grows our faith, for fear was never meant to be a burden, but rather, a reminding postcard to us, to look up, and seek God in every single act.


Fear has been a burden, I know so well!
I’ve feared driving, life, people, and recently, I’ve even feared feeling.
I told myself such was a risk.
I told myself the fear was supposed to be.
And, I was right.
At least, with one thing.

It was a risk, but what’s living without a chance; what’s a rollercoaster, without the thrill?

I am no longer afraid to care, to feel, to love!
I gave my life to God, and if He says to take a chance, I will do it.

I know everything was for a purpose, and maybe it’ll pan out, maybe not… But, even so, how will I ever even know, lest I take a dive?

Fear was never the way we were supposed to live, rather, it was the way we were supposed to thrive!
When fear knocks, look up, and make sure you are in the right place, then keep trodding on!
How will you know love, lest ye search?

It may hurt later. It may sting later. It may end, later.
But, I don’t live in the later, I’d much rather live in the now.
Don’t fear — feel!
God will lead!


“And in the rush, I hear a voice that’s telling me,
It’s time to take the leap of faith, so here I go…
I’m diving in!”
(From, My Favorite Song — “Diving In,” by Steven Curtis Chapman!)

A reminder that nothing can be sure, but that Christ is the head over every act, and plan! 

Just, trust Christ! 😀

Jesus loves you!

For Jesus first loved me… ❤


Devotional Thursdays — “When The Rain Falls… And, The Clouds, Don’t Give Shelter…”

Thursday, May 12th, 2016
“When The Rain Falls…
And, The Clouds, Don’t Give Shelter…”

Do you know the chill of cold rain, on an already cold day?
Do you know the ache, of no shelter, amidst the storm overhead?
Have you seen the lighting flash, or heard the thunder roar, and yet, not a sound, or glare of a leading light is to be found?

Rather still, have you ever saw a cloud, that doesn’t give shelter?


— Proverbs 3:5 —
Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

** “Jesus loves me, this I know…” **

My grandma, whom I was named after, (Mary), was quite an extraordinary character…
I’ve written so much, and many things I have included her in, to tell others…
Because through her, and by her life, I was led to Christ!
What better role model to pattern yourself after!

And still, while saying such…
I find myself thinking back on her life, and all the details I’ve been made aware of…

** “For the Bible, tells me so…” **

She had quite a hard life still…
Her beauty was seen from afar, because her soul was always shining bright!
She had a love for people, and a hope to do whatever was needed!

** “Little ones, to Him belong…” **

I knew her for over 6 years, and I was aware of the pain she was accustomed to…
The memory that seems to stick with me more than ever, was her gasping for breathe, that last day I got to see her vibrant eyes…

** “They are weak…” **

I remember standing, so unnerved at the situation, begging God above to let her breathe!
I needed her…
The world needed her…

** “But, He is Strong!” **

Was He strong?
Could He even help her, in her time of need?


(Photo used with permission by, Photos By Aerykah.”)

** “Yes, Jesus loves me!” **

Maybe, the question never was…
Does He love me?
Maybe, the question keeping you from God, is, why would He love me?

Within the world, people are constantly throwing out questions:
“Why do bad things happen?”
“Why do good people suffer?”
And, so many more…


The defining meaning within the daily heartbeat of life is rather –
“Why do good things happen?”
“Why are we each given a chance?”

A false reason to not believe, no longer works.
The sun came up, and we never told it to…
Beyond a shadow of a doubt, you are alive…
Which leads us to the question – why?

Yes, Jesus loves me!
I don’t need to not know the sting of pain, to trust!
My Grandma, reminded me that, even before that last breathe!
She called me up, at church, to sing with her one day…
She held my hand, and made me know there was no need to be nervous, for the song’s meaning was all that was needed for the crowd…
“Jesus Loves Me!”

Life won’t always be perfect.
(Far from it.)
Life is a journey; life is a picture painted on an old, grimy wall!
The wall is barren, but your soul is not, and if given over to the One who sets the captives free — you can really be, a picture perfect work of art!


The clouds won’t shelter, for they were never meant to.
The clouds, while threatening, only proves to remind us to go to the One who does provide our help!
Look up!

Just give it to Christ!
He is strong!

Oh yes, Jesus loves you!
For the Bible, does always remind us so!

For Jesus first loved me…


Have Any Questions? (Help! For A Question Post!!)

If you know me, you know I love questions!!
And yet, shockingly, I’ve never done a question post… *gasps*

I’m hoping to fix that…
Well, that is, if you would help me?



I recently was going through some other blogs, and found that posts, asking followers for questions, was a great way to have some fun!
So, me, always ready for a new challenge, thought this would be grand!!!

Do you have any questions for me?

There are no particular kinds of questions. They can be anything!
A personal question, deep question, spiritual question, random question, or just totally spontaneous question that you would just like to throw out here, haha!

So, if you have a question, please comment below!!
I’m really excited, cause after all, I love talking with y’all!! 😛
Haha, thanks so much!!
*throws confetti*


I think this will be a lot of fun, because I know how creative y’all are, and maybe this way I can get to know a little of what you are thinking!
And, as the same, maybe y’all can feel that you know more about me, and therefore feel more at home here! (:
Y’all are the inspiration for every blog post, for sure!


And, above all else, remember — Jesus loves you!!

For Jesus first loved me… ❤


Just a Moment Talking…With My Little, Purple Hippo! (About Change!)

I was just sitting down, one day, and looked up to see something that riddled my mind…
It wouldn’t of done anything, for anyone else, and yet, it did something, maybe astonishing, for me…

My eyes lightened, just seeing that small, yet overly plump piece of randomly colored cloth, and felt…

I wonder…
If I only gave a second to a listen,
A small moment to whisper,
And still, a ready love filled memory,
Just to hear, maybe even, listen,
to this lil’ purple hippo, that always seems to have a story to tell…


Things often have a memory, or feeling engraved in them…
If we listen, even but just for a moment, we can often hear that time not so long ago…

One random day, I found myself thinking, (more like, over thinking,) and I suddenly felt the impression to look up…
My hippopotamus, was lying there, quite unaware of my sudden interest…

I picked it up, and eyed it a while; I was quite fond of this creature, not too far ago.
I started remembering back to when I was first introduced…

My brother had given me this for a Christmas gift, because I had often spoken of my love for this so endeared stuffed being on the shelves at our grocery store.
So, when Christmas came, I found him underneath the untidily wrapped paper!

I carried him everywhere…
Always squeezing the unusual feeling of his unusual stuffing!
I was quite infatuated with this slinky character…

So, as I began to look into his hand made, blacked silk eyes, I started remembering back, farther, and farther still…

My life has been a gift.

I won’t lie, for I don’t like to cry, but a tear rolled down my face, seeing how fast time seems to have passed.

My brother, (my friend, personal DJ, Bible tutor, athletic competitor, and most dear company,) is now not the same Josh that gave me that hippo, years and years ago…

Life changes.

Onto the list of things he is, we can add more, even still, to his list of jobs — (P.E. teacher, role model, leader, husband, Netflix addictee….)

Life may be different, but it doesn’t mean it’s bad.

Even though he may be different, and I may not see him as much, I know that even though job titles change, the person doesn’t have to!
He may be different than years ago when I opened my gift, but the care he took in giving me that gift, is the same as the care he takes when I call him asking for advice!

It’s okay for the change to hurt — but never stop changing for good!

And then, when I least expect it — my hippo reminds me of something I never even noticed, myself!
I have changed.


My sister is now in the room, asking why I am so awkwardly staring at this bright hippo,  neatly nestled in front of me.

What I see, and what I can reply now, ever so carefully —

God gives life, so that we may change.
Not for a one time memory, or event, have we been made.
We have been made to change.
Change is a part of life, no matter what vision tells us.
Vision blurs our thoughts, if we will let it.
We don’t need to see to believe, for we must only trust in Christ, and the change, will be for a purpose!
Sometimes, look back to smile.
Sometimes, look back to cry.
But, never look back to retry.
You only have one life – keep changing, with Christ!

But, instead of fancy illustrations, I simply answer my sister, with a smile, and say, “I miss when I was little, but I love that I know you now!”


Change, is okay!

Jesus loves you!!

For Jesus, first, and still always is reminding me, (even through purple hippos,) that He loves me!


(Find your purple hippo… Everyday!)

Devotional Thursdays — “The History, Of The World…”

Thursday, May 5th, 2016
“The History, Of The World…”

I was listening to a song, and something seemed to grab hold on me…
“There’s got to be more
Than going back and forth
From doing right to doing wrong
‘Cause we were taught that’s who we are…”

This is a contemporary Christian song, yet that didn’t seem to make sense to me.
History is deemed to repeat itself, but why, when, and how?

Do we know that history?



The history of the world, reflects many of the same defining events.

– Our quick decline into sinfulness, thus leading to when we try to put away Christ, and any morality.

“And I will utter my judgments against them touching all their wickedness, who have forsaken me, and have burned incense unto other gods, and worshipped the works of their own hands.”
(- Jeremiah 1:16)

– Warnings come, by mouth of prophets, teachers, and upon the very occurrences in our atmosphere, and daily life.

“Then the Lord put forth his hand, and touched my mouth. And the Lord said unto me, Behold, I have put my words in thy mouth.”
(- Jeremiah 1:9)

– We do not take these warnings, and instead push our ideals, and only saving hope away in disgust.

“Then said they, Come and let us devise devices against Jeremiah; for the law shall not perish from the priest, nor counsel from the wise, nor the word from the prophet. Come, and let us smite him with the tongue, and let us not give heed to any of his words.”
(- Jeremiah 18:18)

– Our destruction comes, quite sudden, and saddening, for we allowed it to come on ourselves.

“As Babylon hath caused the slain of Israel to fall, so at Babylon shall fall the slain of all the earth.”
(- Jeremiah 51:49)

– We start again, this time with Christ!

“And as many as walk according to this rule, peace be on them, and mercy, and upon the Israel of God.”
(- Galatians 6:16)

And soon, the cycle comes around again, with a new, sinful lust of the flesh…



Going back to the above lyrics —
What was so unnerving about those few words, seemingly harmless rhymes?

The slow decline of humanity, through history, has been proven to be the power, and lust of greed that consumes us – “the love of money is the root of all evil…”
(- 1 Timothy 6:10)

In this pursuit of power, the number one excuse we use to justify our actions, is that we are not responsible.
We are made human, so therefore it is not our fault as to what action we pursue.

“We were told that’s who we are…”
Our actions do define who we are.
Actions do not cause us to be, but rather, we cause our actions to be.

If you love God, you will follow Him.
If you follow God, you will love others.
If you love others, you will give of yourself to be of use.
And, isn’t that the first two commandments that hang all the law, and the prophets?
(- Matthew 22:36-40)


We still have hope.

The one thing I’ve learnt about following Christ, is that even when we feel completely lost, He still has the flashlight!
All we have to do, is turn to Him, and while still the world may crumble beneath us, His hand will be there to catch us!

Let God guide, and let’s change the world!
Make history, as to say! (;

Just look to Christ!

Jesus loves you!!

For Jesus first loved me… ❤


Devotional Thursdays – “A Small Relief, For A Varied Life…”

Thursday, April 28th, 2016
“A Small Relief, For A Varied Life…”

Daily life seems to have become our daily, stressful, over thought out version of a never ending to do list…

Yeah, I done worried myself already… Too many words…


** Matthew 6:27 **
Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature?

Haha, but really – what have our lives become?

Today, I was completely confused on what to write for this devotion.
So, I did the logical thing – take a walk, to pray, and seek God’s leading!
However, I was so consumed with mine own worries, fears, and stress inducing issues, that I almost stepped right onto a little caterpillar, passed out from the sun.

(Before anyone asks, yes, I love little creatures, including caterpillars… :P)

Well, I stare down at it for a while, for it doesn’t seem to be moving…
I decide, to walk away…

I keep walking, without any ideas on the devotion… Until, I come across that caterpillar once again, lying quite helpless in the burning sun…

So, I do the unlogical, yet kind thing.
(Save the caterpillar!)
If little kids would’ve been reading, they would already have been yelling to save the creature! 😛

So, I do.
It takes a moment to get him up, and set him on a limb.
To be honest, I’m not sure if he will make it anyway, cause he had been there for a while.

It hit me!

My devotion — my illustration — was right there!?

(And, ironic enough – can you guess where I put that lil’ caterpillar? Right on that cross, nailed to that tree…
Bring it all to the cross, and worry not about the rest!)

I think the problem we all face in this modern world, is that we put our own issues in front of our eyes, determining to fix it!
Yet, we never look over, past our own distractions, to do that which needs to be done — loving one another!

God didn’t put you here to solve your math equation (sorry, algebra!) But, God put you here to follow His will!
We don’t always get the answers right when we want them, but we do get them right on time!!

Perhaps, the daily relief we seek from our life, is based upon doing that which God wants us to do, first and foremost, and sometimes that’s looking down, to see that person in need before our eyes!
Sometimes, we have to forget ourselves, and daily anxieties, and rather, take a limb, scoop up that lil’ creature in need, and let them know they aren’t alone!

True, that person may never find what they really need, ’cause maybe they are too far gone…
But, who are we to give that notice?
Maybe, they just need a chance — whether it’s lending a moment of time to talk, or a second to smile, or just, a short while to know — God has you where you are for a purpose, but only you can decide to look past the daily frets, and see the daily relief God places before you!!

(No, different caterpillar, but yes, a photo I took! ;))

(And yes, I do often save little creatures… Laughter is allowed… :P)

** More Verses On Helping Others… **

Sometimes, relief is just finding those small gifts God gives you everyday – even the gift to help someone in need!

Find the tree limb!

Jesus loves you!!

For Jesus first loved me… ❤


(A caterpillar was saved in the making of this blog post… Well, maybe, we will see… Hehe!)