‘Just a Fact’ Tag!?

Yep, I can make my own tag, right? We are just gonna try anyhow *winks*

So, I introduce, ‘Just a Fact Tag!’ Hehe.


I really wanted to come up with this tag, for a number of reasons. The main point of which, was the pressure on my heart. This is a simple, short, fun tag, that will help us connect more with one another, tell more about ourselves, and hopefully, I pray, make us smile!! That’s the challenge of this tag- make others smile! (:

So, shall we? *winks*


The Fact of it All!?

And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men.
~Colossians 3:23

When I was a little girl, I was told something that really had an impact on me!! And, let me just clarify that it wasn’t just an average impact – it was a life changing impact!
In school, I was told, as a student, that I should do everything the very best I could! The ‘very best’ was a hard, long view in my eyes. But, clearly my teacher back then, didn’t realize I was that kid who took everything extreme! Like literally, I done everything (extreme!)
My whole mind was set on grasping that concept! Many nights I tearily prayed for repentance, for I had not given my very best!
My heart ached, and spirit yearned to obey this command! After all, God wouldn’t remind us of this, unless He would help us achieve it! God was a God of victory- and I knew with His help I could learn to give my all!
So, I prayed for His help on this challenge, I had readily accepted.
That, that small thing not many would think too much into, was the basis of who I am! I kept that in mind! I prayed for help! I gave my all to Him, knowing He could, (and only He could,) let me know what it felt like to give all!
Through life, its beat in my heart, as if it had been engraved there! It has always (always) stuck with me, to this day!
Knowing that if I give my all to even the simplest tasks, God will provide the rest that was needed!
That’s all.
And now, whether I respond to a message, write, pray, talk, act, help, or even clean, I do it the BEST I can! (And yes, write a blog post as well ;))
My life is traced upon that small fact!
I will give all!
And, I’m sure you can probably imagine how much more tedious, and anxiety stricken that makes my life xP
But, in complete and utter honesty, I wouldn’t have it any other way!
I can’t imagine living life differently! Without that, I may be a totally different person!
That challenge God gave me, is a miracle! He knew how extreme I’d be already, so He went ahead and planned some challenges for me! Haha.
A fact to life: we are all failures, but with Jesus we can be ‘A-mazing!’ Our lives are meant for His purpose! We were all made with a plan, a plan He holds in His hand, but, only you can choose to take it, or leave it!
His extraordinary true love understands my strange extremities, even if they get a little wacky sometimes 😛 Because God, carefully and elegantly made me, and will continue to carry on with me ❤

Give all – God will finish the rest!!



* Take the banner and paste it to your post.
* Tell a single, meaningful fact about who you are.
* Explain this fact as open, and explanatory as you can.
* Tag at least one other blogger, and give a reason why you think they should do this.
* Add a Bible verse to close out this tag.
* Thank the blogger who tagged you.
* Have fun!!


* JJ
(I would love to see you do this because you are always so creative and fun with these things ;))
* Cait
(You are so deep, and I know you could do wonders with this tag!!! :P)
* Gabs
(Oh, your writing is fabulous, and this would be so fun to see!?)
* Daniella
(Girl, this is so you!! Plus, super thoughtful for someone as thought driven as you!!)
* Danny
(Danny, you make everything fun!! I can’t wait to see your tag :))
* Jerry
(This would be super cool for you because you seem very to yourself, and this would help us to know how cool you truly are :))
* Dee
(Yes!! You love this right!? I really thought you would :D)
* C.B. Cook
(You are serious, and detailed with everything so I know this would match perfectly!)
* J.C.
(Yay!!! I sure hope you do this!!! You are so sweet, and I am intriguely interested!)
* Melody
(Ohhhhhh, Melody, this is so written out just for you!!! It’d be grand!!!)
* Kristen
(I don’t know much about you, but I know how much heart you put into the Lord and all you do! It’d be awesome to have you do this tag :))
* Hope
(It would be so amazing to see you do this!! :))
* Amanda
(Yessss, I hope you do this one :D)

* You!!!!!!! (Yes, you!) Haha. If you are reading this, then guess what? You’re tagged! (; I can’t wait to see your post!!

Post your link to your tag down below in the comments!!
And let me know what you think of mine 😀 It’d really mean the world to me!!
*whispers* Coommmeeenttt (;

This should be SO much fun 😀 I love learning about you guys!! Y’all really inspire me!!
Now go, let’s talk (;

And, above all, always remember Jesus loves you!!

I love my Saviour,

For He first loved me


19 responses to “‘Just a Fact’ Tag!?

  1. Hey! This is a cool tag idea, and is like the first one that might actually fit with the style of my blog. I’ll have to think about it a bit.

    Whether I do it or not, thanks for the nomination!

    Liked by 1 person

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